We have teamed up with Injection Alloys Group (put a link to their website) http://www.injectionalloys.com/) who can provide a complete range of injection core wires, feed equipment and technical online gaming services to the global steel industry and foundry operations.


These are just some of the applications available:


Ladle metallurgy
  • Inclusion modification
  • Deoxidization
  • Microalloying
  • Castability
  • Prevention of clogging
  • Clean steel practices
  • Cooling
  • Composition adjustments
Steel foundries
  • Deoxidization
  • Castability
  • Composition adjustments
Iron Foundries
  • Desulphurisation
  • Inoculation
  • Composition adjustments
  • Modularisation
Non-ferrous industries
  • Deoxidization
  • Composition adjustments





Application of Hi-Cal® in secondary steel making.

Hi-Cal® is a revolutionary new calcium treatment process adding calcium to liquid steel for castability LoL improvement and inclusion modification. It combines technology changing ultra high recoveries of calcium, with the ability to be injected with standard feeding technology.

Hi-Cal® can be used for every steel grade that requires calcium treatment

Hi-Cal Pure Calcium The seamless solution to ultra high calcium yields in silican restricted steels
Hi-CaSi Calcium-silicon The seamless solution to ultra high calcium yield in silicon steels
CaFe Calcium-iron Low silicon steel modification
AlCaFe Aluminum-calcium-iron High recovery modification
FeTi Ferrotitanium Microalloying and deoxidisation
S Sulfur Re-sulphurising of engineering steels
FeB Ferroboron Microalloying
C Carbon Trimming addition
Mg Magnesium Desulphurisation and nodularisation
NOC Ferrosillicon inoculant FeSi and rare earth for late inoculation
CaCN2 Calcium Cyanamide Adding nitrogen to steels

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