Family Owned Fabrication Business

Founded in 1977 by Louis Kohley, the primary focus of Fab-Tec Industries was rebuilding and assembly of Steel Mill Equipment. After his unexpected death in 1981, his wife Donna and sons Louis, Daniel, and Philip Kohley stepped in to continue the growth of Fab-Tec.

In 1986, Fab-Tec purchased the industrial park where it currently resides. Daniel, Philip and John continued to expand the business and progressed into a contract metal fabricator that manufactures newly designed structures and equipment. Throughout the coming years, they gained more and more experience fabricating, machining, and assembling complex weldments and assemblies building Fab-Tec’s reputation to what it is today.

Starting in 2006, the third generation of the Kohley family, including Daniel Kohley Jr., Philip Kohley Jr., Nickolas Kohley, and Michael Kohley came on board. Fab-Tec began utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. The company continues to grow and thrive at being a contract metal fabricator that specializes in building complex weldments and industrial equipment.

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